Laying a Foundation

Drake, a world-famous rapper, is often seen with many of the best athletes in the NBA. Drake regularly references athletes in his music and the love is reciprocated.

This wasn’t my first time setting up a WordPress blog, but that didn’t make things any easier.

A couple of months ago, I (finally) decided to create the blog I’ve been meaning to make for quite some time. The interface on WordPress is very clean and simple, so getting the blog up and running is no sweat. The problem comes in formatting it in your liking.

There were few restrictions put upon us by Professor Bridges, but the ones that were there did make it more difficult for me in choosing my theme. With one in mind heading into the project, my plan came crashing down when I saw we were required to choose a theme with at least two columns. After much deliberation, I finally chose one I liked.

The other major wall I hit in creating the blog was choosing a topic for it. Stuck between my two biggest personal interests of sports and music, I decided to fuse the two given the many overlaps between them.


The above photo was taken by Gordon King of the Yakima Herald-Republic in Washington State. It takes the reader inside the locker room of the Yakima Valley Pippins prior to a game against the Wenatchee Applesox in June of 2014.

In all honesty, I had never heard of those two teams prior to finding this photo. However, it was a perfect demonstration of one of the many ways athletes use music in their every day lives — in this example, starting pitcher Reed Garrett is using it to get his mind right before getting on the mound.

It’s one of many examples I’ll take you through during the course of our semester together.


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