Ad Read for BallRoom

I found this assignment to be far easier than the photo-editing assignment. I’ve worked with audio in the past, both in class and in hosting my own podcast, so editing it is something I’m quite comfortable with. As far as selecting the songs to use, it wasn’t too difficult to find a pair that pushed the narrative of my blog given that most of the content is centered around rap.

Once I had those chosen, I imported the audio and cut up a 45-second section of each song for an intro, outro and as background noise. Before recording my voice, I made sure to jot down a script. I find that having what I’m going to say prepared keeps me less likely to stutter or mix up my words together, making the process much quicker and seamless. It only took about two or three run throughs to get a proper recording I was content with.

To record, I used a Blue Yeti microphone I’ve used for projects in the past. The recording is crisp and sounds much better than if I had used the voice memos app on my phone or the recording option on my MacBook.

The one obstacle I encountered was exporting the audio as an MP3 out of Audacity. It’s something I’ve encountered in the past but remains frustrating as I’m forced to download the file as a .wav and convert it to an MP3 file, which is incredibly tedious.

But once I got it done, the remainder of the assignment was pretty self-explanatory. This was definitely my favorite assignment we had to complete for class thus far.


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