Casting Screens

You can find my screencast of Brianna Dalcanton’s ‘Rantings of a Bored 21 Year Old’ here:

The progression through the ranks of multimedia used to distribute continued in our Strategic Presentation class.

After photo-editing and audio recording, we’ve moved onto screencasting — a combination of the latest project with a visual aid.

The process of screencasting was relatively simple. Downloading Jing didn’t cause too many issues seeing as it was only 10 megabytes, and after a quick demonstration in class by Professor Bridges, getting it up and running wasn’t a hassle by any means.

The lack of an editing option made the process a bit more stressful seeing as the whole thing needed to be recorded in one shot, but it only took me a couple of attempts until I felt comfortable with the final product.

Uploading the screencast was a different issue.

My preferred method of distributing video is through YouTube, a website which doesn’t accept the format in which Jing creates videos. I thought I could solve this issue by converting the .swf file into an .mp4, but the conversion left the latter file without some necessary parts, at least according to YouTube.

From there, I followed Prof. Bridges instructions to upload to, which wasn’t a hassle at all.

Screencasting could be useful in a number of different ways. An example in a field I’m interested in — let’s say i’m reporting on a basketball game and want to demonstrate to readers how the Golden State Warriors use the elevator door screen better than any team in NBA history.

With screencasting, I could record a few examples and voice over them simultaneously, drastically reducing the time I would use doing both separately.


3 thoughts on “Casting Screens

  1. I think you did a great job on your screencast! Your voice is clear and you seemed like you had a good idea of what you wanted to talk about before recording. I also liked the idea about recording over/narrating a basketball game.


  2. Great job on your screencast video! I agree with you that it was challenging to record with Jing as you only had to do one shot. I kept doing mine all over again a few times because of that problem… something I could’ve pointed out on my post. You made really good points on the other blog’s features!


  3. Your screen-cast was wonderful, and I suggest next time to use Screeen-o-matic, it was very simple to use and the youtube uplouad happens right from the application.


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