How to Self-Promote Using Social Media

As the owner of a blog, many believe the one top priority is to create content that people want to consume. While that is true, it’s just one of the many things necessary for your blog to hit it big.

A major component in having your stuff heard, read or watched is promotion. You could produce the most well-written thinkpiece, mix together the best trap beats or cut up a genuinely phenomenal short film, but often times, those things won’t be seen if they aren’t brought to people’s attention.

Social media provides multiple avenues for self-promotion, with multiple sites to choose from to fit whatever content you’re making and the audience you’re trying to reach.

Using the example of this blog, which is multi-faceted but primarily filled with written content, Twitter is the best social media platform to share my content. It’s a constant stream of posts, so promoting multiple times won’t be as annoying as it would be on Facebook or Instagram, for example. Also, Twitter users are more likely to click on an article than Instagram users simply because it’s easier.

This strategy can be tailored for a plethora of different blogs — just tailor it to the content you’re creating.


1 thought on “How to Self-Promote Using Social Media

  1. I definitely agree that Twitter is a great source to promote one’s blog and content on. I think one of the big advantages of Twitter is that, as you mention, it’s a constant stream of media so it’s socially acceptable to create multiple posts. I think this is important because it’s nearly impossible to summarize the important aspects to one’s blog in a single, 140 character post. You eloquently highlighted the major advantages of Twitter as a promotional resource. Great post!


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