My Next Chapter

This meme is the quintessential basketball meme. For those who don’t follow basketball, Kevin Durant is arguably the second best player on the planet behind LeBron James. He and Russell Westbrook were on the cusp of defeating the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference Finals, but blew a 3-1 lead in a best-of-7 series — aka, a total meltdown.

He entered free agency after the season, and rather than staying with Westbrook and the Oklahoma City Thunder for another crack at the Warriors, he elected to join them.

This caused a lot of hate directed his way, especially because of the way he announced — on Fourth of July on the Players Tribune with an image titled “My Next Chapter.”

So the NBA subreddit on Reddit ( elected to have fun with the image. Every time the Warriors lost, they’d put the logo of the team who beat them onto the “My Next Chapter” image, furthering the idea that Kevin Durant is a front-running loser who runs away from challenges and into the easiest possible scenario for him to win an NBA championship (I’m still bitter).


1 thought on “My Next Chapter

  1. This is pretty great. I assume someone did the same thign for Lebron when he did the same thing


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