All is Fair (Use) in Love and War (and Creative Commons)

basketball-game-competition-sport-39593.jpegI chose an image off of Google of the Georgetown Bulldogs taking on the Florida Gators in an NCAA men’s basketball game. I was surprised to see a photo from a game disputed between two Power Five programs being available for free use, so I jumped on the opportunity to use it.

My usage of this image falls under Fair Use for purposes because of its use — I’m using it for scholastic purposes as this article is for a class.

It’s favorable to my educational objectives — if I don’t do this assignment, I’ll make it harder on myself to pass the class.

It’s a small quantity as the photo is one of many taken by the same photographer at the Florida x Georgetown contest that day.

Finally, and in my opinion most importantly, my use of the image has no significant effect on the market or potential market for copyrighted work — I’m not profiting off of the photos use and it certainly won’t affect others from using it.

In all, I don’t see there being an issue with me using this image, at the very least when it comes to copyright. Whether those players or those teams want to be featured on my blog is another story.


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