Peanut Me

wallpaper-1502559792My options for this project were to choose between Peanutizing or Powderpuffing myself. I chose the former because while I did enjoy Powderpuff Girls more as a kid, I identify more as a Peanut guy.

I elected to make a version of myself rather than someone else because I’m the person I know best and no one knows me as well as I know myself (I think).

Choosing my skin color and hair were relatively easy — they didn’t have the exact style of haircut I get but it was close enough and I’m not picky about it. The mouth was the easiest part as I picked the frown because I get sad a lot.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The clothes were by far the most difficult thing to choose, simply because of the lack of options. It also doesn’t help that the character doesn’t seem to have a tailor as his clothes fit him like a sack of potatoes.

Nevertheless, I chose the apparel I felt was closest to the style I would wear if I were a peanut.

For the scene, I chose one that would make me match the expression on my Peanut’s face had I been in that scenario in real life. The scene is a cold day out on the ice rink. I hate the cold and I don’t know how to ice skate (I’ve fallen more times than I can count in the couple of times I tried to), so it was perfect.


2 thoughts on “Peanut Me

  1. hahahaha I loved your explanations throughout your whole post. I like how you put your personality into your posts! And good job on your Peanut guy!


  2. Its good to see that you really put thought into your character and wanted to show everyone how you want to present yourself.


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