Please Steal My Content

The content I’ve created on this blog is original, but I am no means attached to it.

In other words, I’m not copyrighting anything I’ve done here — I want it to be open-source, for people to take it and use it.

Aside from the usual sharing my content through social media, which would be pretty awesome if people did to be quite frank, the most meaningful way of spreading my work would for people to make their own work inspired by mine.

Take my blog post on best rap lyrics about basketball players. If one were to make a video version of it like the ones that populated YouTube at its infancy and credited my blog post as inspiration in the description, it would mean so much more than a simple tweet.

It could lead to the Long Tail of YouTube helping my blog grow — if the video gets even 100 viewers, I anticipate at least a quarter of them to click the link to my blog and at least a fifth of those to like it enough to follow my blog. That’s five followers right there!

Any form of sharing my stuff would exceed my wildest expectations, but if I could inspire others to create themselves, I imagine it would be a feeling like not other.


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