Creating My Header

aGoing into the design of the header of my blog, I had an idea for what I wanted it to look like. But as most of, if not all of my classmates can relate to, it was far harder to create than I expected.

The biggest hurdle I had to overcome was finding images suitable for use within the confines given to us (most notably the need for an image with a Creative Commons Attribution license). I knew I wanted an image of a kid walking onto the basketball court with a pair of headphones on — a situation I’ve found myself in countless times that I feel really captures the essence of what I’m looking for in my blog.

Getting a photo of a basketball court was the easy part. Once I did that, I went on a long journey lookign for the perfect photo of a kid with a basketball in one hand, his phone in another and a pair of headphones on his head. Sadly, after what felt like forever of searching through Google, I was unable to find anything, so I had to improvise.

I had taken a pair of graphic design classes in high school, and while I wasn’t the best student by any stretch, I felt I had held my own. After not editing photos more than a handful of times since then, however, I immediately recognized that the rust was there and I needed to shake it off.

It took a very frustrating hour or so to complete, but I finally got something that I thought wasn’t absolutely awful together. I still couldn’t find an image of a kid with a basketball and headphones, so I improvised by shopping a basketball with a kid walking down the street with headphones.

Editing photos is something very useful in many aspects of life, whether it be personal or professional. From a journalistic standpoint, it is valuable to be a jack-of-all-trades, so being able to use a photo-editor is a solid addition to a resume. From a personal standpoint, it gives one the ability to make personalized gifts for friends and family, something which is often far more appreciated than a store-bought present.